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L'Inganno hand-painted furniture and trompe l'oeil interior decoration

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About Sophie Rose and L'Inganno
Sophie Rose was born in Florence, Italy, in 1969, and brought up in Chianti by English parents. She has two elder sisters and a brother.

She was at school in Italy until the age of 14, and thereafter in England, always returning to Italy for the holidays. Tuscany, in fact, has always been “home”.

On returning permanently to Italy, she went to work for a firm of carpenters and cabinet makers who had decided to start a line in hand-painted and antique-finish furniture. But who was to do the painting? They found their answer in Sophie Rose, who in the course of six years of furniture decoration and the ten years since she opened L’INGANNO in 1996, has developed numerous skills of which trompe l’oeil, though of prime importance, is only one. In her line of interior decoration, versatility is of the essence. She has to meet clients’ individual requirements, and there is all the difference in the world between a “Louis Quinze” chest of drawers, an ornamental shop sign and a trompe l’oeil dresser displaying your favourite china.

But whatever the genre, there’s one constant quality in all Sophie’s work: good humour. She enjoys her work and her enjoyment is contagious. If you live in close contact with one of her pieces, of any kind whatever, you will find it a great deal harder to be glum.

Patrick Creagh